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Best Jay Frog Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Jay Frog Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

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Best of Jay Frog

Without further ado, here are Jay Frog top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Losing My Religion - Jay Frog Remix

Jones & Brock,

Nicole Cross,

2. Hey Baby! - Freak My House Sundown Radio Edit

Freak My House

3. Like Nowhere Else - Jay Frog's Anthem Mix

Nature One Inc.,

4. Deep In The Night - Jay Frog Remix

Slippy Beats,

Terri B!,

5. Come Back and Stay 2022 - Jay Frog Radio Edit

Bad Boys Blue,

6. Tzzzz - Bounce Radio Edit

7. Silence - Jens O. Remix

Jens O.

8. To France


Blaze U

9. Can't Fight the Moonlight


10. When I Grow Up (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Jay Frog & DJ Falk Remix

Jay Frog Details

You could say the foundations for Jay’s musical vocation were laid when he took music lessons which resulted in a thankfully brief flirtation with heavy metal. He ultimately decided electronic dance music was more his style leading him to where he is today.

A meeting with Chris Huelsbeck lead to them partnering.Jay was ahead of his time in seeing that dance and gaming soundtracks would become entwined in the future.and it wasn’t long before his productions took off, remixes for Kosmonova, Ayla, Sash!, Yello, Sweetbox, La Bouche ,Doug Laurent and Talla 2XLC, remix work flooded in delivering tracks under various aliases, Pushin’ produced under his own name, gave him a hit on the Dance charts, later productions would see him hit the major charts in a big way worldwide and they weren’t going to stay in the trance field the scene was changing and he was about to show he had the talent to take that on.

Not content with Dj’ing and producing, Jay hit radio. Familiar to the listeners of Sunshine Live,his feel for music allowed him embrace the industry musical shift, from trance to seamlessly cross over into house, electro and tech house which he coupled with a tribal fusion that displays his natural sense of rhythm, and dynamism, and has made him a favourite with the listeners. Now he features weekly on place2be and 54house.fm and has been the chosen resident for Massive Trax radio on Slinky. Fm and Dance Radio.

To watch him play now it’s hard to believe Jay started Dj’ng in a dancing school. a short relationship, he was showing the true spirit of EDM even at a tender age though it was not admired by the chart demanding punters.,but proved not to be his loss, just an inspiration to push forward and get out working full on with the real club scene and get to where he is today, one of the most successful DJs around .Certainly no problems of an unappreciative audience these days.

His career truly kicked off in the 90’s. Love Parade, the rest followed Nature One Airbeat One, Ruhr in Love he wowed them then. Now wowing those events with his electro house style the once 145 bpm has been replaced with more of 130 bpm and it’s filling the floors. A style slightly more Champagne cocktails than pints of Bittburger but keeping that dirty edge that gets everyone moving and stays keeping them moving .As well as having become an established presence on the German club scene,he’s played around the world, Taiwan, Japan, Africa, Russia, Dubai, U.S, Ibiza, and too many other European locations to mention.

Chosen by a London promoter to do their promotional mix cds in the mid noughties that relationship has remained firm. Now.Jay and the same promotion are working together, with a bi monthly residency at JJ club UK . In a recession it’s a sign of his talent that promoters will pay extra bucks for him to play. And its not just the UK prepared to kick the cutting back on International DJ budgets to get him, recently gigs in Spain and Italy certainly show he delivers the best from the box, being totally in demand in a market pulling their horns in during a Euro crisis.

Jay’s probably one of the busiest DJs out there right now, if residencies were a day job he is fully employed. H1 Hamburg, JJ Club UK, JJ Club Germany and a tie in with one of the largest German club chains.and when he gets the chance international gigs. Now so busy its tight finding production its tight schedule balancing the gigging and producing the next hot track, his passion for xbox is sidelined But when you are constantly playing alongside the likes of David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Tom Novy, that game of Halo gets put aside, Jay’s professionalism means he is a complete workaholic right now.

Daytimes get devoted to the production schedule. Not only his personal work like “I wont let you down” a monster iTunes top ten hit, he is also focused on his side projects. Right now the one ripping the scene apart is Master and Servant. Teamed up with Gordon from The Disco Boys, an ongoing collaboration, it’s not only a studio project but a live act and it continues to go from strength to strength delivering an edgy electro feel but immensely danceable, a perfect vibe for the floor as they blend recognisable samples, often using past classics from the likes of Depeche Mode and mashing it up with their unique production style. Jay doesn’t stop there, remixes in the last year? What he’s done? Well it’s a wish list for any producer, tracks with Chuckie, Cidinho & Doca, Lissat & Voltaxx, Dominik De Leon, The Disco Boys, Matthias Menck & Jerry Ropero, Medina, Camisra and plenty more.

Jay Frog to describe him, total crowd pleaser, ultimate showman always able to read and work the club, total connection with the audience. Definitely not a DJ you can ever accuse of playing to the CDJs and not the floor. There is never anything less than 110% commitment. Active and reactive he certainly has his finger on the pulse of the people and its normally driving the pulse rate upwards.

Jay has proved his skills as a dance shape shifter not a bandwagon jumper he has a diary that defies definition. His hard work and determination are going to be pushin him totally into the next zone

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