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Best Dead-Tones Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

Best Dead-Tones Songs of All Time - Top 10 Tracks

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Best of Dead-Tones

Dead-Tones has performed in venues such as:

Sound|Encore Beach Club (EBC)|Great Northern

Without further ado, here are Dead-Tones top 10 tracks of all time:

1. Pretty Little Lies


2. Saturn's Compassion

3. Dream Machines - Dvirnuns & Tez Remix



4. Forbidden Planet

Of the Moon

5. Doheny Drive

Jon Charnis,

6. Kindisch VI - Continuous Mix

7. Manifest - Jenia Tarsol & Dead-Tones Remix


Jenia Tarsol,

8. For The World To Know About

9. Under - Dead-Tones Remix

Facundo Mohrr,

10. Dream Machines

Dead-Tones Details

Kamel-better known as Dead-Tones, is a Parisian DJ/Producer who recently moved to LA to pursue his music career.

He has a wide variety of influences such as Dance music legends Sasha, Digweed, but recently been learning from sytnh legends such as Klaus Shulze or rhytm monsters like Fela Kuti.

Dead-Tones has a unique style.

Wherever his mood is, his music follows. His podcast "Eargasm" will take you on a soul moving journey through deep, dark, melodic and tribal sounds. His production includes a variety of heavy synth progressions and dark driven bass lines with a heavy touch of melancholy.

Dead-Tones has acquired some unique sound design abilities from two of the best music schools in Los Angeles (Dubspot and Point Blank). Being a studio-head, he's been able to release his tracks and EP's on top labels such as Kindisch, Motek, Clouds Above, Us and Them records, Re:sound, Dialtone Recs, and Gooseneck Records. Through time, he has accumulated a vast array of equipment.

Having taught himself to make magic from these machines, he holds his collection dear to his heart. "I'm an analog lover born in a digital world"

-Having lived in Paris, Beirut, and Abidjan(his hometown in West Africa), his music has multiple directions and what some would people describe as a lack of identity in his sounds is at the contrary perceived as a strenght:

"It is very important to me to keep being entertained in the studio with new machines or a different setup; I would like to explore a lot of genres that I can incorporate in my music and for that you cannot start with the same pattern every single time."

Dead-Tones has played some great venues around this world such as "marvelous island Paris", "La machine du moulin rouge", "Folies Pigalle" (Paris) and "Iris" (Lebanon) to name a few.

Since moving to Los Angeles, he's had gigs at frequently visited clubs by house and techno music lovers such as Sound nightclub.

He looks forward to furthering his music career in the city where dreams come true and sharing his music with his fans world wide.

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