Best Dani Masi Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

Dani Masi

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Dani Masi is nowadays one of the most requested Spanish DJs of the moment.

Without further ado, here are Dani Masi top 10 tracks of all time:

1. La Mandanga

Dani Masi, Santos Garcia

2. I Remember

3. Sexy Groove - Radio Edit

Dani Masi, Juan Trumpet

4. Fucking House Music

5. Me Sueno (feat. Martina Camargo) - Dani Masi Remix [Mixed]

Tom Staar, Martina Camargo, Dani Masi

6. Naga Pedale (feat. Cuchara)

Dani Masi, Cuchara

7. Mi Morena - Radio Edit

8. Mi Morena - Remix

9. Sunglasses at Night - Dani Masi Remix

Dani Masi, Jus Deelax, Lady Chus, Celia Fox

10. Fucking House Music - Dani Masi 2018 Tribal Mix

Dani Masi Details


Dani Masi is nowadays one of the most requested Spanish DJs of the moment. His style is characterized by “house music” with vocals, tech house and tribal sounds.

Nowadays he alternates his work as a producer and his performances as a deejay, with his residence in Sutton Club Barcelona.

Thanks to his work as a producer, his international career is developing fast. During the last year, Dani Masi has been performing in countries as EEUU, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Perú, Croatia, France, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Italy, Argelia, Switzerland, etc.

As musical producer, his works have been published by important labels: Stereo Productions, Juicy Music, Milk & Sugar, Bedroom, etc.

He has worked in production for artists like as Barbara Tucker, Rebeka Brown, Shawnee Taylor, Coolio, Angie Brown, Superfunk, Richard Dinsdale, Hoxton Whores, David Penn, DJ Chus, Abel Ramos.

Dani Masi & Louis Shark are winner of a DEEJAYMAG Award 2010 for his remix of “Burning Love” by Rebeka Brown, Manuel Moore and Pablo Kopanos.

In 2009 is 2nd “Best Barcelona DJ” in the Living BCN Deejay Awards.

Dani Masi has been nominated for “Best Spanish DJ” and “Best Spanish Producer” in the Vicious Music Awards 2011.​

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