New Years Eve

New Years Eve - the momentous holiday that officially marks the last of the current calendar year, and encourages everyone to anticipate all the good fortune, resolutions, and cleansing that comes with the new calendar year. This is the last chance to reflect on the year you have just had, as you move toward another 365 days to become wiser, more educated, more fulfilled, happier, more fit, or whatever your goal may be. It's a time to gather with your close friends and jovially celebrate what you have in this life, as you confidently scan the horizon for good things ahead. That's of course figurative, but NYE should be a time to rejoice, refocus, and rekindle as you enter the new year.

Partaking in the revelry is not for everyone, but we highly recommend it. There's no better way to accomplish this than grabbing your best friends, booking a VIP table at your favorite Amsterdam club, and dancing the night away. One last hurrah to live it up, before you sequester yourself and murmur, "I'm never drinking again", only to emerge from your alcohol-hibernation two weeks later and announce, "I want to drink again." All jokes aside, watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV at home is overrated, time for a change!

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